Writers Unite! Short Story Contest Winners!

Writers Unite!

Our FaceBook sister page Writers Unite! Short Stories hosted a contest in January 2017! We would like to present our winners.

The contest criteria:

Theme:  Love Conquer All

Genre: Open

Word Count: 3,000 words or less.

First Place:

The Girl With the Razzle-Dazzle Eyes by Milton Trachtenburg


Second Place:

Paradise Beach by David Weeks


Third Place:

Even From Behind These Walls by A.M. Ameenah M Hassan.


Honorable Mention:

A Mother’s Reflection by Leonie Hearn


Please join me in thanking our judges, Mandy Melanson, Dennis Takesako, and Dusty Grein. All excellent writers and all devoted to sharing their expertise with aspiring writers. I encourage you to visit their FB pages and author pages.

Also, special thanks to all who submitted entries. The judges were faced with a very difficult decision.

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Story Series Coming Soon!

Cierra has always felt left on the edge of everything. Many say she was one of the lucky ones, but they don’t know the truth and probably never will. Keeping secrets can be an ugly, cancerous thing. Now grown, Cierra must make the final decision to either stay quiet or break free for good. 

Starting 3.13.17. A new installment will be released each Saturday after until the end of the story.♢

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